Firewood FAQs


Have questions about our firewood sales? Check here first!

 Q: What kind of firewood does Koi Lagoon sell?

A: The majority of our firewood is mixed pine (which may also include spruce, fir, and similar varieties). 

We occasionally have aspen and other hardwoods at a higher price.

Q: How do I place a firewood order?

A: The best way to place a wood order is to call us or visit our store. 

Please do not place orders using the website contact form or our email address as they may get lost in our inbox.

Q: How much firewood is in a proper cord?

A: One proper cord measures 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet, which means one cord is 128 cubic feet of neatly stacked firewood. To ensure our customers get what they pay for, we stack our wood into pre-measured bins. It takes 2 of our largest 1/2 cord bins to create a full cord.

Q: Do I take the wood bin?

A: No, just the firewood itself. We stack into bins to offer properly sized cords, 1/2 cords, etc., but our bins are not for sale. 

Pond/Plant FAQs


Answers to your pond and plant related questions.

Q: Does Koi Lagoon install ponds or pond equipment?

A: We DO NOT install ponds or pond equipment although we are more than happy to help by offering guidance based on our experience.

Q: When should I start feeding my fish after winter?

A: Feeding your fish too early may kill them because their bodies cannot yet process food. To ensure healthy fish, only start feeding them again once their water HOLDS a temperature of at least 50° F. If the water temp still falls below 50° in the evenings, it is too early. 

Need a thermometer? Stop by our store.

Q: When do the water plants, such as tropical lilies, become available?

A: Water plants are especially susceptible to frost, so they do not typically become available until the overall outside temperature is high enough. Usually, this occurs just after Mother's Day.

[Update:5/21/20] We currently have hardy water lilies, yellow iris, water hyacinth, creeping jenny, and hornwort with plans to get tropical lilies, water lettuce, and other water plants later in the season.  

Q: Does Koi Lagoon sell fish?

A: We DO NOT have fish for sale, but we do carry all other necessities for keeping a healthy pond with happy fish, including pond treatments, fish food, and more.

Welding/Metal Fabrication FAQs


Answers to your metal welding/metal fabrication questions.

Q: Does Koi Lagoon do metal repairs?

A: We are set up to weld TIG, MIG, and stick, so we can make repairs on anything from stainless steel to bronze. Bring us your broken metal furniture, lawn ornaments, storage tanks, etc., and we can give you a quote. Cost estimates are based on the time it takes to properly make the repair.

Q: Can I order metal signs/decorations based on a drawing I did?

A: Yes. In addition to creating metal signs and decor using the designs built into our plasma cutter's software, we are able to create custom designs and even use something you drew yourself. Please visit our shop to discuss your custom metal sign/decoration with our metal fabrication experts.

*Provided images may be simplified and/or modified within customer expectations.