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Opened in January 1997, Koi Lagoon is a trusted Fort Collins business dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and quality products. We are Fort Collins's one-stop shop for firewood, metal fabrication, and some pond supplies. Whether you are looking for an affordable bundle of firewood, are seeking beautiful plants to bring your pond to life, or you need a custom fireplace to complete your backyard paradise, our professionals can help. Have another project in mind? Come talk to us, or contact us using the online form below. 

Firewood bundles for sale at Koi Lagoon in Fort Collins.

We Provide All Your Firewood Needs


Heading into the mountains for a long camping trip? Stop by Koi Lagoon for as much or as little firewood as you need whether you that is several bundles of firewood or just a handful of small sticks for kindling. We have firewood for sale in bundles, full cords, and everything in between. We also provide bundles of campfire kindling and larger chunks of wood perfect for campfires. See below for prices on our pine firewood. Our bundles are only $5.00! 

Trust Koi Lagoon for your pond supply and metal fabrication needs.

Visit Us for Pond Supplies and Metal Fabrication Services


Koi Lagoon offers a variety of services. Let us help you shop for the best aerator to keep your pond from icing over, or visit us to shop some of our metal signs, fire pits, and other metalworking products. Have another metal fabrication project in mind, such as a custom gate or welcome sign? Let our professionals bring your vision to life. 

Mini Bins of Firewood for Sale

Firewood for Sale in Bundles, Cords, and More

Fulfill all of your firewood needs at Koi Lagoon, even if you just need a few sticks of camp fire kindling.

Providing Metal Fabrication & Other Metalworking Services


We provide a wide variety of metal fabrication services from rails and gates to custom welcome signs, fire pits, and more.

Shop custom metal signs at Koi Lagoon in Fort Collins.

Visit us for custom metal signs, wall decor, and other metal fabrication needs.

Let Koi Lagoon build your custom fire pit.

Let Koi Lagoon tackle your welding project.

Metal Fire Pits For Sale

Plain Black Fire Pit

Triangular Black Fire Pit

Triangular Black Fire Pit

Black metal fire pit for sale at Koi Lagoon in Fort Collins.

$150.00 | 1 in stock

Simple and classic fire pit.

*Call or visit us to design your custom fire pit.

Triangular Black Fire Pit

Triangular Black Fire Pit

Triangular Black Fire Pit

Triangular fire pit with hunting art for sale.

$150.00 | 1 in stock

Lid lifts off for easy maintenance.

*Call or visit us to order a custom triangular fire pit.

Geodesic Fire Pit

Triangular Black Fire Pit

Geodesic Fire Pit


$295.00+ | 0 in stock

A unique and artistic fire pit.

*Call or visit us to order a custom geodesic fire pit.

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